Academic licenses


For students and educators

Fathom is committed to leading the next generation of water risk intelligence. As scientists, we know the value of transparency and peer review, which is why our data and methodologies are available via dedicated academic licenses.  

Our academic licenses offer a heavily discounted option for students and educators in select global markets looking to use Fathom’s data and products to undertake their own cutting-edge research. 

The exact cost will depend on the amount of data that you require. Complete the relevant form with your contact information, academic details and the data you are looking for, and we will be in touch to confirm options and to provide you with a quote. 

Expand your research with Fathom’s data.

Student License

Research License

Educator License

+ The latest data from across our product portfolio

+ Define the region you require, from global coverage to a percentage of one country

+ Additional data available, including resolution, depths and climate scenarios

+ A fraction of the standard market price

For BSc, MSc, PhD and PostDoc students For professors and lecturers working on their own cutting edge research For faculty looking to provide students with the most up-to-date modeling via in-class teaching

Available for download as GeoTIFF files

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License agreement

An academic license is available for use:

  • In connection with learning, academic or research
  • By recognized places of education, whether on site or remotely.

Please note that a commercial license is required for the following use cases:

  • Research projects undertaken on behalf of, or funded by, the private sector
  • Applications and projects of institutional or government scope.

For support

Please contact with any queries around academic licenses.


If the Fathom data you are sourcing was created in collaboration with an academic institution or aligns with a research paper, you may be able to find the dataset available for download (strictly for academic purposes) on the university’s website or by messaging the lead author directly. Please refer to the research paper that corresponds with the dataset you are seeking.