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Next-generation climate models – what are they, and how will they transform our view of risk?

On October 4th, Dr Andrew Smith will join the LMA to host a panel on the next generation of climate models.

The discussion will explore recent research from leading scientists and the impact that these new ‘kilometre-scale’ models will have on our ability to answer fundamental questions about the future of water and provide significant advancement in our ability to predict and measure the scale of climate risk we face.

Key questions will be raised to the panel, including:

  1. What will this development mean for insurers working with natural and physical risk if successful? 
  2. In this session, panellists will explore:
  3. What are kilometre scale models and how can they improve our predictions of climate risk?
  4. What have we learned from high-resolution regional climate models?
  5. What plans are in place for developing k-scale global models?
  6. How will this impact the insurance sector?



Andrew Smith


Professor Julia Slingo – Lead Researcher

Dr Tim Palmer – Royal Society Research Professor in Climate Physics and a Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin Institute

Steven Belcher Chief Scientist at the Met Office

Although the live event is only available to members of the LMA, we will be sharing the discussion on our website following the event. If you would like to be notified when this is available, please register your interest here.

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