Environmental, Social and Governance

Understand the evolving impact of flooding on your business,
for now and in the future

The practice of ESG refers to the measurement of sustainability across three core areas of business operations: environment, social and governance.

Whilst there have so far been different levels of adoption across industry, recent published reports have clearly evidenced that ESG is an integral part of all businesses, and deeply intertwined with processes, values and policies.

With new regulation driving action, ESG investment and policies have seen a sharp rise over the last few years. In Larry Finks’, Blackrock CEO, 2021 letter to CEOs, he explained that: “It’s not just that broad-market ESG indexes are outperforming counterparts. It’s that within industries – from automobiles to banks to oil and gas companies – we are seeing another divergence: companies with better ESG profiles are performing better than their peers, enjoying a ‘sustainability premium.’”

Therefore, by taking the time to develop ESG frameworks with clear measurable goals, companies can see improvement across many parts of their business.

This includes:


Thorough portfolio risk assessments evidence the robustness of your company’s assets and can be used as an indicator that capital will continue to flow.


Understanding the influence that socio-economic and environmental factors have on your business enables senior leadership to identify better strategic opportunities.


Mitigate risk before it happens and safeguard your company’s long term success.


Enhance investment returns and ensure that assets are not vulnerable to external climate risks.


Stay ahead of regulatory changes, enabling greater strategic freedom within your business.

Ted Baksa Microsoft Senior Software Engineer

Quote Fathom’s flood hazard and risk data products are critical to assessing risks to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. In this way, their data impacts the delivery of services relied on by the 400 million global users of Office 365, Outlook.com and OneDrive, and the 48 million members of Xbox.

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Our technology

Assess your supply chain, portfolio or infrastructures climate risk, for today and in the future.

Catastrophe Modelling

Thousands of years of synthetic flood events at your fingertips.

Flood Hazard Data & Maps

An academic perspective of global flood risk.

Model features


Climate data

Climate change illustration flood model

Where available, Fathom’s model’s utilise the latest climate data meaning that our users can access multiple views of risk under different climate scenarios.


Plausible events

View the impact of real world events and assess how different regions may be impacted through our catalogue of plausible event sets.


Damage functions

Differentiate between a variety of residential, commercial and industrial buildings – for direct (e.g., structural and contents) and indirect (e.g., ALE and BI) damages.

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