Collaboration is essential to driving innovation and transforming risk information.

Academic research is fundamental to Fathom. We have a strong research pedigree and continue to partner with leading organisations to push the boundaries of science and further our understanding of flooding.
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NASA use Fathom's flood hazard data, including in the wake of Hurricane Harvey when they were used to produce loss indices. Fathom have also joint-coordinated NASA's Flood workshops.
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US Environmental Protection Agency

We worked with the EPA to understand how demographic and developmental changes throughout this century might impact flood risk in the US. Using their projections of population and land-use change alongside our flood maps, we expect an 83% increase in population exposed to the 100-year flood and an acceleration in the development of risky areas.
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Iowa Flood Center

Fathom partnered with the Iowa Flood Center to compare US flood maps across Iowa in response to our new approach of modelling flood defences. Versus their high-quality, engineering-grade models of Iowan cities, our US-wide model could replicate their data to within error.
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University of Leeds

Through a PhD studentship and collaborative publication, Fathom supports colleagues at the University of Leeds who are undertaking Global Flood Model (GFM) inter-comparison studies
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Wharton Risk Center

Fathom works with the Wharton Risk Center on a variety of projects relating to flood risk in the US, leveraging our world-leading expertise in hazard modelling. In particular: analysis of US vulnerability functions, patterns of flood insurance penetration, and understanding historic changes to flood exposure.
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Fathom have collaborated with Chaucer to develop bespoke products and tools for use in the (re)insurance industry.
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GFDRR collaborated with Fathom to produce event response data, including in the wake of Cyclone Idai. The GFDRR have also licensed Fathom's entire global catalogue, working with Fathom to produce data to sit behind the Think Hazard! tool.
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World Bank

Fathom have worked with the World Bank on multiple projects, providing hazard information in Belize, Tanzania, Argentina and Vietnam.
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University of Bologna

The University of Bologna helped us to test our new approach to flood defence representation using their modelling expertise of the well-engineered Po River Basin in Northern Italy. When using our new algorithm, simulation of historic flood events were improved even over traditional engineering-based approaches.
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Fathom partnered with Google to aid in our unprecedented scientific validation of the Fathom-US flood layers. In particular, we used Google Earth Engine – Google's cloud-based platform for planetary-scale geospatial analyses – to compare our flood model to observations and local models of flood events, providing objective and public quantification of the skill of our modelling techniques.
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The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy has been a long-term academic partner, leading to multiple peer-reviewed publications in the scientific literature with many more on the horizon. We work closely with TNC scientists to reveal new insights into US flood risk in leading journals, aiding them in identifying effective strategies for natural floodplain conservation.
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University of Bristol

We continue to forge a close academic partnership with the University of Bristol, continually publishing our research in world-leading scientific journals. Work to date has entailed: validation of our US and global flood maps, development of a US cat model, and the uncovering of revolutionary insights into flood risk quantification globally.
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