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Overcoming challenges in mapping U.S. flood risk

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Overcoming challenges in U.S. flood mapping

Upcoming webinar: Thursday 9th June, 11am (Eastern Time)

Overcoming the challenges floodplain managers, water professionals and engineers face in mapping flood hazards.

A lack of adequate and complete flood inundation data is a major barrier to flood analysis and water risk identification across the United States. Although FEMA is an excellent resource, its mapping is a patchwork of small scale ‘traditional’ flood models that only cover 60% of the U.S.

In this webinar, experts in U.S. hydrology, engineering and floodplain mapping discuss how they are working together to fill in the missing gaps. This conversation will cover FEMA flood data, the availability of scientific flood data from alternative sources, and a case study on how Texas developed the first state-wide flood planning program, using Fathom data.

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