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Natalie Lord, Senior Climate Change Expert : Fathom
Dr Natalie Lord
Senior Climate Change Expert
In her role as Senior Climate Change Expert, Natalie’s key interest is in understanding how future changes in climate, particularly in flood risk, will affect populations around the world. With a strong academic background, part of her role is to continue to build and maintain relationships with universities and researchers in order to advance Fathom’s climate portfolio.

Having held a number of research positions at the University of Bristol, ranging from PhD student to Research Associate, she has spent significant time understanding and developing modelling approaches that allow for the simulation of climate evolution occurring over hundreds of thousands of years, and the potential implications of future long-term changes in climate.

Most recently, in her role as Research Associate, her primary focus was on how global, regional and local climates may change over the coming decades as a result of human activities, along with the possible impacts of these changes on the environment and society. This research involved the use of observational datasets as well as data produced by climate and Earth system models. In addition to her academic background, Natalie also brings experience in data management, graphical reporting, and the application of long-term future climate projections in safety assessments for the disposal of radioactive waste.
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