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Upcoming Webinar: Innovative approaches to U.S. floodplain mapping

Intro In our latest webinar we will explore how professionals can leverage new technological and scientific advances to model flood risk in the U.S.

The Fathom team is holding a webinar titled: “Innovative approaches to U.S. floodplain mapping” on Thursday, June 23 at 11:00 – 12 pm Eastern Time (4 pm – 5 pm British Summer Time). Presenting this webinar will be Ruth Clarke, Engineering Business Development Manager, and Gavin Lewis, Head of Engineering, joined by Barney Austin, President, and CEO of Aqua Strategies, a water resource service provider based in Texas. 

It goes without saying that as a flood practitioner, engineer, or risk professional, gaining a 360 understanding of the impact of flooding is essential. Barriers to this, such as the inability to effectively model flood approaches , can ultimately result in oversights in predicted flood risk. Yet, widely used approaches for the modeling of floods are often limited, time consuming and expensive. 

However, as new technology and scientific research has become available, sophisticated computational modeling methods are being developed at large scale. How can water specialists leverage these advanced numerical models to gain a rapid and objective assessment of flood risk across the U.S.?

In this webinar our flood experts will examine the latest advances in U.S. flood mapping to explore how water specialists can leverage flood modelling methods to gain a rapid and objective assessment of flood risk.


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