Integrated solutions for flood-related-disaster risk-management strategies

Wednesday 28 June, 4pm BST

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The impact of flooding on low-income communities is profound, not only in the immediate aftermath of an event but also through its disruption to long-term infrastructure and food security. Catastrophic flooding destroys crops, kills livestock, blocks supply routes and ultimately increases food prices. 

Whilst international aid organizations and engineering firms are working to organize responses and alleviate the pressure of climate risk on these communities, there is a need for reliable data that can inform their efforts. This is where organizations such as Floodbase and Fathom come in. 

In this webinar, specialists from the two organizations will present how they have integrated Fathom’s flood hazard maps with Floodbase’s earth observation and satellite data.

Already implemented by the World Food Programme, attendees will hear in-depth case studies about how decision-makers – including country planners, disaster managers, first responders and government focal points – have harnessed this data to achieve food security goals and strengthen decisions on protecting vulnerable communities from climate shocks.

Throughout the webinar, presenters will cover:

  • Challenges and barriers in international aid and disaster risk management
  • What global flood data is available?
  • Earth observation for disaster risk management
  • Harmonizing models and observations in data-scarce contexts
  • How integrated solutions can be implemented within your organization to support decision making

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