London Climate Technology Show ’23

Wednesday, 26 September

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The Climate Technology Show is back in London for another year, showcasing climate technology innovators, policymakers, and businesses. The two-day event, situated in South London, brings together over 2000 attendees and experts from across finance, the built environment, software, government, and infrastructure to explore strategies to tackle climate challenges. This year’s event will focus on driving the transition towards net zero and will examine the fast-evolving climate technology value chain – where stakeholder investment is needed, the importance of government and academic involvement, and what’s coming for business innovation.

As part of the event, Fathom’s Engineering team will be championing Fathom’s solutions for assessing and incorporating climate risk data within business processes. This includes highlighting the value of our recently launched, state-of-the-art flood maps (US and Global) as well as our Global Terrain Data – FABDEM+.

You can book your place to the event by visiting the London Climate Show’s website.

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