Fathom Awarded Editors Choice Award by leading Journal

2018 has been an exciting year for us at Fathom, rounded off nicely with the Water Resources Research (WRR) Editors Choice award for 2018. WRR is one of the most prestigious places for scientists working in our field to publish their work. We were therefore excited to be presented with the award this month in Washington D.C. The prize was awarded for our work validating our US flood hazard model. We are delighted that the work has been acknowledged in this way, as validating a flood model at these scales is a significant undertaking. But perhaps most importantly, we hope that this award will further emphasize the significance and importance of model validation, particularly for these new emerging model structures.

Looking forward to 2019, we are already looking forward to publishing more leading research early in the year. This research has been undertaken during the development of our new models that will be released over the coming months. Ultimately we are looking forward to making more cutting edge research available to end users in the coming year. Happy New Year to all!