Flood Risk Intelligence
July 27, 2021

Post-event response: German Flash Floods

Earlier this month, severe flood events impacted several countries throughout Europe. The event resulted in significant loss of life and damage to both property and infrastructure. This was felt hardest in Germany, but areas within Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Luxembourg were also affected. 

Following the event, there has been a great deal of debate from the press, local authorities and hydrological community as to the role that climate change played in its cause and severity. In an earlier news piece, we responded to this.

As part of our response efforts, Fathom’s technical team have taken time to review the event and provide an emergency event summary.

What does this report contain?

- An overview of the weather conditions that drove the event

- Resulting impacts on the hydrology of affected regions

- Flood footprints detailing the scale of flooding for the River Ahr and the town of Erftstadt

- Context for the event, including a comparison against historical climate conditions and past flood events

- An assessment of why the event was so severe

You can download the event summary here.

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