Fathom recently launched its cutting-edge Fathom-US flood model with Nasdaq ModEx – now we are offering you a free of charge evaluation of the model.

Fathom-US is an inland flood hazard model of the conterminous United States, based on award-winning science. The model was validated against the entire FEMA flood hazard catalogue identifying that current FEMA data misses around three quarters of the total flood exposure nationwide*.

For anybody seeking to understand US flood exposure, Fathom-US provides the complete picture:  

•Peer-reviewed methodology, published in world-leading journals.

•Extensive model validation undertaken in collaboration with Google.

•Flood defenses explicitly built in using new levee detection algorithms.

•Uses the latest US hydrography data.

•All river channels explicitly modelled regardless of size.

•Fluvial and pluvial perils covered.