Flood Risk Intelligence
May 7, 2018

Fathom partnership with OASIS-Hub

Fathom are teaming up with OASIS Hub with the aim to make city level flood hazard data more accessible. Starting in May, we will be releasing and licensing data for 10 cities a month, starting with cities in South East Asia. First up will be Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam.

‘All too often cities and businesses do not believe city level flood data for their city exists. Collaborating with high quality flood data and model providers, such as Fathom, is helping Oasis Hub to bring much needed city level, modelled, flood data to cities across the world, helping them understand and adapt to their risk.’  Tracy Irvine, Managing Director, Oasis Hub.

Following on from South East Asia, data for South American cities will be available, followed by Africa, the Middle East, Europe and finally North America. The data are from Fathom-GlobalV2, the very latest iteration of our global flood hazard model. Both riverine and flash-flood perils are covered with all channels, from the largest rivers to small streams also being represented.

Fathom’s COO Andrew Smith said  “We are hopeful that by licensing data on a city by city basis, our data will become more accessible to end-users with more specific, local concerns.”

 For more information visit oasishub.co 

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