Fathom helps coordinate NASA Flood Workshop

Earlier this month, Fathom’s Ollie Wing attended and contributed to the NASA Flood Risk Workshop at CU Boulder. This meeting brought together a diverse range of flood risk practitioners across multiple disciplines and sectors in order to identify risk mapping standards and plot the course for progress in this area. We were thrilled to be asked to contribute so that we could share our expertise in physical modelling, whilst learning from and forging collaborations with others in academia, industry, government and NGOs.

Attendees at the workshop in Boulder, CO.

It was especially encouraging to see that we are part of an active flood risk community with unified goals. A consistent theme across breakout sessions was the prioritization of communication and collaboration with end-users. The science behind the modelling and observations– which, of course, can always be improved upon– is not currently being consumed by many of those who could put it to use for the purpose of risk mitigation. This consensus that scientists need to talk across disciplines and across borders to truly ensure that their products are operationalized to protect lives and livelihoods the world over was extremely heartening. We at Fathom look forward to playing our part in this community as we move forward over the next few years, which will undoubtedly see significant progress in our field.