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Launching Fathom-Global 3.0

Register your interest: Global 3.0

Understand present day and future flood hazards anywhere in the world with our fast approaching, Fathom-Global 3.0. The world’s most innovative global flood model will launch later this year and answer the question: “what does this location’s flood risk look like now and what could it look like in the future?” 

Global 3.0 offers the complete picture of worldwide flood risk for decision-makers with international operations or those working within data-scarce regions. 

What Makes fathom-global 3.0 unique?
  • 01 – Fluvial, pluvial and coastal perils. The first complete global view of flood hazard02 – Climate dynamics. Allows us to produce climate change flood maps for a flexible range of different time periods, warming levels and emissions scenarios

    03 – Terrain Data. Fathom-Global is underpinned by a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of unparalleled quality that combines FABDEM with the best available local data

    04 – API. Fathom’s API allows instant access to all of our spatial data in a straightforward and easy manner

    05 – 100% of river channels. Complete global coverage of every river, dynamically modelled to estimate channel size and river depth.

Who is Fathom-Global 3.0 for?

The third iteration of Fathom-Global 3.0 is for anyone interested in understanding flood exposure anywhere in the world. More specifically, the data provides the most sophisticated view of global flood risk available on the market for decision makers, asset managers, risk specialists and global leaders.

The model takes Fathom’s extensive history of academic research and translates this learning into scientifically robust and accessible metrics. Professionals can use this data to inform their processes and reduce their exposure to flooding.

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