Fathom-US CAT

The first fully
peer-reviewed and validated US flood catastrophe model.

The model builds upon the Fathom-US inland flood model, transforming leading hazard data into many thousands of years of plausible flood events.
Fathom-US CAT has been built
to work in the Oasis LMF and is
available in Nasdaq ModEx.
river channels
All river channels, from large
rivers to small streams, are
explicitly represented.
Fluvial &
Total representation of
rainfall-driven flooding.
Vulnerability functions built using NFIP data
More representative flood losses are modelled using real, measured data from millions of insurance claims.
Flood defences explicitly
built-in using new levee
detection algorithms.
Fathom-US CAT uses the
latest US hydrography data from
the USGS.
Fathom-US CAT enables:
Consistent view of risk across whole US.
Competitive pricing with
US wide analysis.
Realistic loss simulation.
Evaluation of capital requirements for low frequency, high severity flood events.
Complete US flood exposure quantified across entire portfolios.
Understanding the impact of changes to reinsurance programmes.
Long-term loss estimates.
Portfolio management with concentration of risk and impact of diversification.