Fathom-UK CAT

A first for accurately quantifying present and future flood losses

Fathom-UK CAT has been built in tandem with Fathom's flood hazard data for the UK.

The probabilistic model uniquely characterises the relationship between flood depth and damage in a variety of contexts. This includes the differentiation of damage in residential and non-residential buildings.

10,000 years
of flooding
Fathom-UK CAT represents a set of over 170,000 synthetic flood events spanning 10 millennia
river channels
All river channels are modelled within a >50km² catchment area.
pluvial & coastal
The ability to capture the unique impacts of varying perils, including storm surge and high tides.
Alternative Living Expenses(ALE)
The indirect costs of evacuation, accommodation, and other expenses are explicitly modelled.
>10,000 Unique Damage Functions
Based on relevant combinations of building, peril and coverage characteristics.

Climate scenarios for
present day, 2030 and 2050.

Fathom-UK CAT can be accessed on:

Oasis LMF hosts Fathom's UK catastrophe modelFathom's partner NASDAQ provides users with Fathom flood hazard data and CAT models for the US and the UK.
Fathom-UK CAT enables:
Complete representation of UK flood defences.
Accounts for the likelihood of flood warnings and water contamination.
Loss calculations derived for both high-frequency and low-frequency events.
A consistent view of risk across the whole UK.
Realistic loss simulation.
Long and short duration flood damage differentiation.
Accurate determination of damages based on a property's characteristics.
Generalisation of property characteristics in the absence of precise data.