Fathom-Global 2.0

A step-change in
your ability to understand global
flood risk.

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Fathom-Global 2.0 provides flood hazard data from the cutting edge of academic research.

Fathom-Global 2.0 is unique in harnessing world-leading modelling techniques, combined with the very latest terrain and hydrography data.
of river
return periods
From 1:5 year to 1:1000 year.
Return periods can be categorised to suit your risk appetite.
Fluvial &
Assess the  behaviour of
multiple flood types.
Academic validation
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A high‐resolution global flood hazard model
Water Resources Research, 2015
Defended & undefended
Compare the impact of
modelled flood defences.
Fathom-Global 2.0
compared to
Fathom-Global 1.0
Comparison in the quality of Global 2.0 and Global 1.0. We work hard to constantly improve our data.
Fathom-Global 1.0
Fathom model output built using previous iteration of global terrain data. Floodplain topography and small
flow pathways were poorly defined in some areas.
Fathom-Global represents the most robust and comprehensive flood hazard dataset in the world.
Fathom’s latest Global data use MERIT-DEM and MERIT-Hydro, the best terrain and hydrography data currently available globally. These data provide the most accurate view of the Earth’s surface elevation and the location of all rivers. These two components are crucial in building robust flood models.

By integrating these datasets into Fathom’s hydraulic modelling framework, Fathom-Global yields flood hazard maps of multiple return periods for every river on the planet.
By coupling the latest topography and hydrography datasets with cutting-edge hydraulic modelling techniques, Fathom have produced truly world-leading flood data for the whole planet. All methods have been published in the most pre-eminent scientific journals, representing a step change in our ability to understand flooding at the global scale.

Fathom-Global simulates inundation across all rivers in the world using a 2D hydraulic modelling framework. The most important component of any global flood model is the terrain data.

In earlier versions of Fathom’s Global data, errors in the underlying terrain elevation data could be seen. These errors, which can be seen in the form of stripes in the Mekong Delta (below), make it very difficult to build accurate flood models.
Fathom-Global 2.0 enables:
Quantification and mitigation of flood risk.
Consistent analysis and pricing of global exposures.
Competitive advantage for risk selection, pricing and underwriting.
Improved portfolio management at a global scale.
Triage your flood exposures across any portfolio.
Loss analysis by flood types.
Output can be categorised to reflect your risk appetite.