Fathom at Water For Texas 2023

This January, Fathom attended the 2023 annual Water for Texas conference, where we met with professionals across engineering, flood plain management and government to discuss key water issues

Our team exhibited, alongside partners, to showcase the various innovative solutions available towards risk identification and management, plus flood-related policy. Included in this, we highlighted a range of work we have produced on behalf of our clients at the city, state and national levels. This includes recent projects underpinning Risk Rating 2.0 and Texas’s first statewide flood map

With a range of water-related themes, the Water for Texas conference covered the following: 

  • Water science and technology
  • Drought and flood
  • Innovative solutions to water challenges
  • Texas water policy
  • Communication strategies
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The Fathom stand at Water for Texas 2023
The conference was well attended with professionals from across government, engineering and tech
One of our co-founders, our Head of Engineering and Global Product and Audience Marketing Manager attended

We’ll be discussing underestimations of US flood risk in an upcoming webinar.

Fathom Attendees
Dr Andrew Smith Chief Operations Officer Visit company profile
Gavin Lewis Head of Engineering Visit company profile
Holly Taylor Global Product and Audience Marketing Manager Visit company profile