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iMechE – 1st International Conference and Workshop on Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Wednesday 6th September

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Fathom’s own Professor Paul Bates and Peter Slater will join iMechE at their first international conference on Climate Adaptation and Resilience.

The three-day event is hosted by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and features insights from world-renowned experts on adapting to climate change. Throughout the event, the conference will explore pressing research and challenges that are being faced by engineers across a range of physical risks, including heat impacts and drought; fluvial and pluvial flooding; and rising sea levels and coastal flooding.

As part of this, Professor Paul Bates will deliver a presentation on flood risk and climate change in the UK. Referencing “A climate-conditioned catastrophe model for the UK” – a Fathom-published paper released earlier this year – Paul will discuss its key findings:

— Great Britain will only be able to avoid a major increase in climate change-related flood risk if all countries’ COP26 and net-zero emission reduction pledges are met in full.
— The nation is not well-adapted to its existing flood risks, let alone further increases that climate change will bring.
— We expect the annual cost of flooding in the UK over the next century to increase by between 13% and 23% above recent historic levels if targets are not met.

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New Research Paper

A climate conditioned catastrophe risk model for UK flooding

New research from Bates et al. describes the creation of a transparent flood model for the UK that simulates pluvial, fluvial and coastal flood risks for 10 different return periods.

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