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2023 Cat Risk Management and Modelling Conference

Tuesday 7 March, 9am

The annual Cat Risk Management and Modelling conference, held in London, brought together leaders across the insurance, technology and research landscape

With a focus on “Building Resilience, Embracing Innovation”, Fathom’s presence at the conference will centre on equipping insurance professionals with the tools to critically evaluate flood models and understand what is driving their risk results.

Included in this, Fathom will participate in a series of activities to support the event, including:

1, Exhibiting – if you are attending make sure to stop by!

2. Panel discussion: Uncertainty and risk in climate-conditioned catastrophe models

Moderated by: David Singh, Head of Climate Analytics and Exposure Management, WTW

Panelists include: Dr Oliver Wing, Chief Research Officer, Fathom, Yingzhen Chuang, Head of Climate and ESG Strategy and Execution, Gallagher Re, Dr Claire Souch, VP of Global Models & Climate Risk, RMS

3. Roundtable: Questions to ask your flood model vendors

In an ever-advancing technological environment, it can sometimes be challenging to know what model features are essential and what is just noise. Regulatory and customer demand continue to ask insurance professionals to understand what drives their data outputs. In this 30-minute roundtable session, Fathom’s COO, Dr Andrew Smith, will offer attendees a toolkit for critically evaluating flood models, including key misconceptions and qualities to keep an eye out for.

Fathom attendees
Oliver Wing Chief Research Officer Visit company profile
Dr Andrew Smith Chief Operations Officer Visit company profile
Matthew Jones Chief Product Officer Visit company profile
Natalie Lord Senior Climate Change Expert Visit company profile
Holly Taylor Global Product and Audience Marketing Manager Visit company profile
Conor Lamb Junior CAT Model Developer Visit company profile