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Engineering Flood Resilience

Data-driven flood maps that span the globe

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Flood Hazard Maps For Every Project

Fathom is a globally recognised leader in flood risk intelligence. Our products are principally based on the culmination of decades of scientific research and data collection. You can access our research for free here.

All of our maps and models are developed in house and are ideal for professionals looking to determine flood risk to new and existing infrastructure - whether at global or local scale. With recent focus on the need for greater agility in accounting for and mitigating the risk posed by climate change, our flood maps can be harnessed to gain a rapid understanding of flood risk for now and in the future.
Fathom Flood Hazard Software Visual

Fathom's Maps Enable You To...

Assess how flood will impact assets and infrastructure

Understand your exposure to flooding.

Evaluate investment choices.

Location planning of assets and future-proofing of existing infrastructure.

Multiple return periods to assess the impact of high and low-frequency floods.

Compare the impact of fluvial, pluvial and coastal flooding.

Guage and water testing

Understand how flood risk will evolve in the future

Create detailed climate reports analysing changing flood severity over time.

Access flood data for multiple time horizons.

Develop resilience, adaption and mitigation projects for future climate scenarios.

Understand future risks of sea-level rise in the UK.

Comparison between 2020 and 2070 flood risk for a 50 year storm surge.

Calculate exposure at a property, city or global scale

High-resolution data enables you to create detailed exposure reports at every level.

Maps that offer flexibility to understand the risk from the individual property level to portfolio screening of global assets.

Incorporate hazard layers within risk assessments to understand flood risk in a given area.

Resolution of fathom's maps. Exposure at city, and property level.

Incorporate hazard into planning decisions

Measure risk for existing and future development projects.

Prioritise investment towards flood resilience and mitigation within areas more adversely affected by climate change.

Create risk profiles for every site in your portfolio.

Inform your business continuity and protection policies.

Field work. Planning Decisions.
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// Fathom delivered high-quality and timely analyses to improve the global flood hazard classification in ThinkHazard!, and helped make the data available for disaster risk management activities in developing countries. //

Dr Brenden Jongman

Disaster Risk Management Specialist, GFDRR

Bespoke Flood Maps At Your Fingertips

*In addition to flood hazard maps, we also have a variety of Catastrophe models available for professionals looking to calculate economic loss due to flooding.
If you would like to learn more about these, please get in touch.
Fathom-Global phluvial visual.

Fathom-Global 2.0

Global flood mapping from the cutting edge of scientific research.

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Fathom US flood.

Fathom-US 2.0

Fathom-US provides the complete picture of US flood exposure.

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Fathom-UK flood. Reading. Pluvial and Fluvial.

Fathom UK

The first of its kind to offer a comprehensive view of flood risk for multiple future climate scenarios.

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