Identify and manage
your flood risk
exposure across any region globally.

The comprehensive nature of our data allows large-scale risk assessment to be undertaken by organisations with US and global infrastructure. In today’s globalized world, it is not uncommon for supply chains to span multiple continents, including developing regions.
Fathom data allow our clients to mitigate against the potential impacts of flooding, by providing them with the confidence to identify, plan and manage their flood exposures on a globally consistent scale. Our data are used across a wide range of business operations from mergers and acquisitions and to infrastructure investment and planning.
A Global Technology
Flood risk assessment and mitigation with real-time event response and analysis.
This American global technology corporation uses Fathom-Global data to understand the impact of flooding on their own global infrastructure. Having performed the risk assessment, they have invested in flood mitigation initiatives to reduce the current level of impact and have developed protocol for new infrastructure development.
By analysing Fathom data during live events, dynamic contingency planning enables a rapid response to difficult and sometimes uncertain situations.