Fathom was formed out of the University of Bristol Hydrology Research Group, a world-leading authority in modelling flood risk.

Professor Paul Bates CBE
Dr Christopher Sampson
Dr Andrew Smith
Dr Jeff Neal
Dr Niall Quinn
Dr Oliver Wing
Dr James Savage
Gavin Lewis
Gaia Olcese
Stuart Whitfield
Jeison Sosa
In 2012, a group of researchers had a discussion about some of the major obstacles that needed to be overcome in the field of flood modelling and, subsequently, set about trying to solve them.

They discussed the best ways to make cutting-edge methods of flood risk modelling more widely available.

By 2013, this conversation had led to the formation of Fathom. Our aim was to become a leading research-led company, providing transparent and world-leading methods wherever they are required.

Since then, the company has grown significantly and now works with (re)insurers, international development agencies, conservation agencies, emergency responders and multi-national corporations on a global basis.

Academic research remains as important to us now as when we started.  In the face of the increasing challenges posed by climate change, this commitment ensures we are providing our customers and partners with market-leading flood models based on the latest science.
Joseph Paulo